Data Sets

  1. Listing of Active LA Businesses
  2. Data Sets related to Los Angeles
  3. Menus data set from the New York Public Library
  4. American Labor Who’s Who
    (people involved in the American labor movement)
  5. Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
  6. Shipwrecks off the coast of New Jersey
  7. Turner paintings at the Tate Museum
  8. Walt Whitman Archive
  9. Shakespeare Archive
  10. Million Song Dataset
  11. “Evolution of Popular Music: USA 1960–2010”
  12. Old Bailey Online Data Set
  13. Hillary Clinton Email Archive
  14. Prisoner records from the Eastern State Penitentiary
  15. Contemporary art at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  16. Photography at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  17. Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  18. Nixon White House recordings
  19. A database of Scottish witchcraft
  20. Artwork at the Williams College Museum of Art
  21. Nineteenth-century children’s books
  22. Cylinder recordings
  23. Photographs from science-fiction conventions
  24. A database of graphic novels
  25. Book acquisitions at the Osage, Iowa, public library in the early twentieth century
  26. What people had in their houses in the 1700s in rural Pennsylvania
  27. A database of archaeologists and classicists
  28. The letters of Charles Darwin

Where to find other data sets: