First 3 Paragraphs

Due: 11:59pm Tuesday, November 13. Submit 1 per team. 

Paragraph 1: Introduction.

This  paragraph opens your final project by stating the general topic, your argument, and sources. Statements of the topic can include an example, a general history, a prediction, or a quote. Then, narrow the focus by including statistics, dates, examples, background information, or rationales for your argument. Be sure to tell your readers what your sources are: What data are you using? Where did your data set come from? Why is this data set relevant for your topic/argument?

Paragraph 2: Place in the literature.

Summarize your literature review. What do others say about this topic? What contradictions exist in the literature? What do scholars generally agree on? What questions remain about this topic? What hasn’t been explored yet?

Paragraph 3: Significance.

Explain why this project is important. Perhaps it addresses one of the questions that scholars haven’t discussed yet, or maybe it presents a different view than you saw in the literature you reviewed. How is this work connected to other or larger questions? Remember the following formulation: I am working on ______ because I want to find out ______ so that I can help others understand _______? The third component of this description summarizes the significance of your project. What do you want to help others understand?