Technical Skills Exam – Practice

Your practical exam, on December 4, will test your technical skills. You’ll be expected to be able to do the following. (If the skill lists a few different tools, you don’t have to be able to use all of them; just one. The exam will be open-book.)

  • Breve or Open Refine: identify any gaps or formatting errors in the data and fix them, if possible; export project as a CSV.
  • Tableau, RAW, or Datawrapper: Create bar charts, pie charts or tree maps, and line graphs from spreadsheets and explain what they mean in the context of the data.
  • Palladio or another mapping software: Geolocate, then map and publish data from a spreadsheet.
  • Palladio or Gephi: From a spreadsheet containing sources and targets, create a labeled network diagram.
  • Voyant Tools: Define a research question about the qualitative data included in the data set. Answer it using at least one of the tools from Voyant and describe your process. Be sure to include an image or the data from the tool you used in your response. (Hint: Use the export function in Voyant!)

You can practice for the midterm using these data sets: