Research Questions Assignment

DUE: 11:59pm Thursday, October 18

Submit one set of research questions per group.  Be sure to list all group members’ names at the top of the first page. 

List at least 15 humanistic research questions on your data set. Remember that these should not be questions with simple one-word answers but should, instead, intrigue you and prompt you to do further research. Here are several questions from my own research as examples:

  1. Why were there so few mixed-ethnicity governors in Ottoman Algeria between 1567 and 1837?
  2. a) Who were the primary actors in the creation of American colonies in the Midwest between 1776 and 1820? How do we know?  b) Where did they live?  c) What were their views on land, Native Americans, the military, the role of government, etc?  d) How did these views shape the formation of these colonies into territories and states?